SuperSify version 0.9 for
Windows, Linux and Mac.
SuperSify is a console based client for Sify Broadband. SuperSify has been written in Java and will work on Windows, Linux and the Mac without issue as long as you have Java 1.4 or above installed. If you are tired of using Sify's BS excuse for a client, give SuperSify a shot. SuperSify has been around for nearly three years, and this is it's third release which is compatible with the new Sify authentication protocol.

Download & Installation

Click here to download SuperSify. There is no setup process, just unzip it into a convenient folder. You must also have Java installed on your system. Most systems already have Java installed, you can check by going to the command prompt and typing in "java". If you get an error, you need to install Java. Go here, scroll down and download and install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for your operating system. Once you install Java, SuperSify is ready to go.


Open the command prompt / terminal in the directory in which you unzipped SuperSify, use the following reference to login / logout.

Loginss -u username -p password./ -u username -p password
Logoutss -l./ -l

Notes: ss is a Windows batch file and is a shell script for Linux / Mac. If you wish to skip these scripts, use java -jar supersify.jar instead of the corresponding script name in the above commands.
When SuperSify logs in, it saves your login/session details in a file called supersify.sid which it later uses to logout. If you don't login with SuperSify, it is unlikely that you will be able to logout with it.

Additional switches
I suggest creating a shortcut to SuperSify on your desktop. Edit the shortcut properties and append the arguments to the contents of the Target box.

For the uninitiated - here is a rundown of the process on Windows:

Changelog & Upcoming Features

31/12/2007 Version 0.9 (Current)
  • Keep-Alive support added.
  • Bug with IP ranges higher the usual 10.x series fixed.
17/11/2007 Version 0.8 First Java based cross platform console client; works only with the new Sify authentication protocols.
18/12/2005 Version 0.6b Windows only console client (C++). Will not work with the new authentication protocol.

Upcoming Features


SuperSify has now been released under GPL v2. If you open the supersify.jar file in Winzip, you will find the source Java files included. In case you don't trust the attached source, you may also decompile the individual class files and read that code instead.
SuperSify has been a trusted and popular Sify client for three years now and your account details are sent only to the Sify server, nowhere else.

Contact & Support

I'm Brian Fernandes and I can be reached via email here; comments and feature requests welcome. Join other SuperSify users in this thread at the India Broadband Forum.

This client would not have been possible without kick-ass work by Liet-Kynes who cracked the encryption being used in the new login protocol. Without his code contribution and help, this would have been a lot harder. Details in this thread.
Special thanks to Ashish Saini who tested several different builds of this release tirelessly. Thanks to all the users who helped test SuperSify and to Sushubh for hosting and promoting SuperSify all this while.