Devabulator v1.4

(27th September 2008)

Devabulator is a widget written for Konfabulator / Yahoo! Widgets. Devabulator brings the best digital art, wallpaper, paintings, photographs, literature etc. from deviantART to your desktop. Choose the category you want to view, enter a few search modifiers if you feel like it and Devabulator will cycle through the deviations automatically. Art worthy of your desktop? Use Devabulator to manage your desktop wallpaper too.

A Devabulator screenshot displaying Invincible - Iron Man by  Daniel Luvisi


This version of Devabulator is fully compatible with deviantART version 5 and uses a brand new engine which leverages new deviantART capabilities. As a result, this version is faster, less error prone and extended deviation info missing from the last version is now available. A few major bugs with the wallpaper feature were fixed along with some stability issues.

Note: Devabulator is not an official deviantART widget.


Devabulator.widget (832 kB) Flat Widget file which only works with YWE 3.1 and up (recommended).

Devabulator.widget (591 kB) Older format which works with YWE 3.0 and up.

Devabulator is also hosted on the Yahoo Widget Gallery and on deviantART


  1. Download and install Konfabulator. If you already have Konfabulator installed, move on to step 2.
  2. Download the current version of Devabulator.
  3. Copy the Devabulator.widget file into your widget folder (optional).
  4. Double click the Devabulator.widget file or Open it with Konfabulator to get it up and running.


Search & Filter Modifiers (Optional)

deviantART version 5 introduced a powerful searching, filtering and sorting capability which you use to fine tune the deviations shown in Devabulator.

Brief Modifier Primer

An expanded Devabulator screenshot displaying one of the more popular fish at deviantART ~ Big Fish Little Fish by  Ian

More than one modifier can be active at a single time; however, some are mutually exclusive. deviantART will AND modifiers unless otherwise specified. For example, if you with to see deviations by adonihs or crisvector, you must add a modifier (by:adonihs or by:crisvector). Activating two independent by modifiers for the above deviants will yield no results.

Devabulator comes pre-installed with 7 sample modifiers, the first 3 of which are mutually exclusive and cannot be deleted - they correspond to Popular, Newest First and Oldest First sort orders respectively.

Note: Please be advised that the category selection affects the list of deviations returned. Activating a by:infernalproteus modifier while you are in the Digital Art category will show you deviations by infernalproteus in that category only. Deviations from other categories will not be returned. If you wish to use a category free search, make sure you choose All Deviations from the category menu.

More information about deviantART's search capabilities can be found here.

Known Issues

Credits & Contact

Dionysis has been instrumental in getting Devabulator working with deviantART's search API. Without his suggestions and assistance, I would probably have abandoned the project.

Cristiano Siqueira, Daniel Luvisi and Ian have all allowed me to use their art to promote Devabulator. Without their art, you probably wouldn't have given Devabulator a second glance; actually I know this for a fact, I tried some of my own work and nobody cared at all...

I'm Brian Fernandes and you can send me feature requests, bug reports and any other comments you may have. Feedback is encouraged; many features in this version have been requested by users. If you're happy with Devabulator, I'd love to hear from you.